What one question, if you could see the answer, would transform your business?

Tiny Computer Vision brings the benefits of real-time automation out of the realm of ideas and into practical application. Tiny CV makes it cost-effective to See What Matters and integrate that answer into your business.

Data Science

Xailient AI is trained to answer your questions, and the process starts with training data – examples of what you are looking for. Our platform helps you collect and curate this data. 

AI Engineering

Automated AI training uses our patented Neural Architecture Search to deliver the optimal AI that meets your performance criteria. No coding or special skills are required.


Edge deployment has lower OPEX and better performance, and Xailient supports the most popular embedded systems (with more every quarter!) Your trained AI is automatically integrated into an embedded SDK at the click of a button, exposing standard interfaces for easy integration. 

You can also download a ready-to-deploy Docker Container with REST APIs; deploy in the Cloud or on-premise servers, and sleep easy knowing that you have future-proof deployment when your organization migrates to the Edge.

Monitoring and Management

Ongoing data collection and Over-the-air updates are natively supported, easing the burden of managing your cameras and AI at scale.

Our patented Privacy Filter technology allows you to continuously collect data while redacting faces. Now you can handle a changing world (concept drift and model drift) and stay in compliance with GDPR and other privacy regulations.

No other company can provide you with custom, embedded AI at the push of a button. And only Xailient has the end-to-end integrated system for managing tinyCV at scale.

We’ve solved the most difficult problems in the Enterprise CV lifecycle, so you can See What Matters and focus on your customers and what makes your business unique.