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Face Recognition

Always know who’s at your front door. Xailient’s Face Recognition Edge AI technology gives users the ability to recognize peoples’ faces, so they’ll always be able to see who’s visiting.


CVOps is a category that describes the enterprise business process, job role, and enabling tools for delivering Computer Vision in production.

Privacy Filter

Collect data in a responsible and targeted way. Xailient’s Privacy Safe Data Collection technology allows you to collect only the data that you need.


Continual data training is crucial to maintaining highly efficient AI and keeping it up to date. Orchestrait is Xailient’s computer vision AI management platform that helps make your cameras smarter today.

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Cameras produce huge amounts of data, but most data is just excess when you have a job to do. You want to see what matters – people, packages, pets, and vehicles.

Face Recognition

Face Detection is computer vision AI that finds human faces in digital images. This is the first step to face tracking, face analysis, and face recognition, so you’re always able to see who’s visiting.

Privacy Safe Data Collection

Customers are increasingly sensitive about their data and how it’s used. Xailient’s Privacy Safe Data Collection allows you to collect only the data that you need in a responsible and targeted way.

Smart Motion Detection

Many systems continuously monitor a field of view. Smart Motion Detection uses AI and Edge computing to look for personnel, vehicles, etc. and ignores background motion or the motion of the camera. Smart Motion Detection can trigger alerts or be used to activate systems out of a “standby” mode, and, optionally, send an image or video clip along with the alert.

Face Recognition

Face Recognition technology is computer vision AI that allows for the identification of specific individuals in real-time video sensors.

Tiny Edge Devices

Xailient’s patented Detectum technology is the worlds’ most efficient AI for Computer Vision. Xailient puts the maximum intelligence into environments with the least size, weight, and power constraints.


Xailient is seeking partners to combine our commercial Computer Vision AI technology with Uncrewed Systems and Advanced Defence Applications.

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March 14, 2022

Xailient specializes in extremely efficient low-power computer vision. Intel's OpenVINO specializes in maximizing the performance and speed of computer vision AI workloads. OpenVINO improved Xailient FPS 9.5x on Intel hardware to 448 FPS. Together, Xailient-Intel outperforms the comparable MobileNet_SSD by 80x. Even after Intel worked the OpenVINO magic on MobileNet_SSD, Xailient-OpenVINO is 14x faster.

November 29, 2021

Xailient’s Face Recognition enables high-speed edge AI processing with low-power consumption using Sony’s IMX500 – a chip so small it can fit on the tip of your finger.

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