Xailient is a Computer Vision company specializing in putting incredibly accurate AI onto impossibly small Edge devices.

We’ve built the world’s smallest and fastest object detector to fit on extremely tiny devices running on exceptionally low power.

Specializing in TinyML computer vision for Edge devices, Xailient uses its patented technology to radically improve efficiency compared to other available solutions.

The result is accurate, real-time computer vision that’s cost-effective.

Xailient solves the hardest problems of accuracy and power 

Accuracy is the toughest thing to solve with tinyML computer vision. But we’ve figured it out. By only selecting and focussing on the pixels that matter, we’re able to improve accuracy dramatically.

However, the elephant in the room is power. That’s the problem that stops most tiny Edge deployment because everything, absolutely everything, ties back to power.

That’s where Xailient shines.

Only Xailient can do advanced computer vision with less than 1w of power. No one else can.

Just ask Ray, our VP of Market Development at Xailient.

Company background

Our story begins in 2016 with one of Xailient’s co-founders, Shivy Yohanandan. While researching for his PhD in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Computer Vision (CV) at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Shivy had a profound insight – existing AI CV was based around trying to process data through brute strength.

By contrast, visual data is processed on a selective basis in the human brain by focusing on the most relevant regions of interest and concentrating resources. Visual data processed this way is more efficient and accurate.

Shivy used his PhD to develop an algorithm that replicated the human brain for CV, producing a technique that is an order of magnitude faster than the alternative approaches.

Following his PhD, in mid-2019, Shivy joined the Antler start-up incubator program to help commercialize his algorithm. It was there that he met Lars Oleson, his co-founder and Xailient CEO.

Xailient Co-founders Shivy Yohanandan and Lars Oleson
Xailient co-founders – Shivy Yohanandan and Lars Oleson

They worked together to develop a business plan for commercialization, began hiring staff, and officially formed the company in August 2019. In September & October, they conducted three proofs of concept in diverse markets and raised USD 1.2 million seed capital.

In February 2020, Xailient launched their MVP and used it to work with two customers as pilot projects, one in retail automation and the other in Agriculture monitoring technology.

Xailient now delivers to customers on four continents, employs more than 25 people globally, and has raised USD 4.6 million to bring tiny Edge Computer Vision to you.