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At Xailient, our vision is a world of seamless and pervasive AI assistance. Our mission is to enable makers and innovators to bring their visions to life by providing the artificial nervous system of a connected world.  

Xailient believes that many innovations have yet to come to market, and many existing services are limited in their growth by the costs to create and deliver AI in the real world.  Xailient’s goal is to expand and accelerate the AI market by making Computer Vision easy and cost-effective. 

Xailient is a VC-funded start-up. We’re currently hiring in the USA and Australia.

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Innovation & diversity – just like in nature

We are seeking passionate and innovative people to join our team. We seek out & embrace diversity.  

Part-time or full-time candidates will be considered. We welcome candidates with family/life commitments and part-time availability but “full-time professional passion.”

**Xailient does not accept unsolicited recruiter services and will not be responsible for referral fees.