Imagine the technology you need to identify people, packages, pets, and vehicles contained entirely on your camera.

Edge AI allows Artificial Intelligence algorithms to be processed on users’ devices rather than the cloud. This holds some huge benefits. 

If every motion clip must be uploaded to the cloud where the AI is running, you can expect a shorter battery life, expensive cloud processing costs, and high latency. Not to mention that your privacy is also at significant risk.

By running on the Edge, Xailient’s HomeCam AI technology can mitigate these issues.

Users enjoy lower costs due to the reduction of  bandwidth as well as a reduction in costs associated with internet services and the cloud.

Xailient’s technology allows for lower power consumption on your important devices and latency is also greatly improved. This means that suspicious activity can now be detected in real time.

Xailient keeps your data out of the cloud by processing images locally. Your customers and family members’ personally identifiable information has never been more secure.

Face Recognition is computer vision AI that finds human faces in digital images. This is the first step to face tracking, face analysis, and face recognition.

This matters because recognizing and recording faces is helpful in improving security. Your HomeCam will be able to see customers, family members, and intruders.

With Xailient’s HomeCam AI technology, you can set up face recognition on your camera in as little as 7-days.

Xailient’s HomeCam technology allows you to see what matters (people, packages, pets, and vehicles) with its indoor and outdoor capabilities. 

With Xailient’s HomeCam technology, security can be improved as users will possess the ability to find, recognize, and record faces.

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