Cameras work as powerful data collection systems, but they can easily capture data that isn’t necessary. 

Removing identifying information from imagery reintroduces privacy. This preserves a companies’ ability to collect video data that  can be used for multiple purposes, including training data for AI.

Customers expect increasingly personalized and sophisticated experiences. As a result, enterprises need to collect data to deliver these services.

Changes to regulations in multiple states and around the world are solidifying new attitudes about our privacy and what is private. Customers today are increasingly sensitive about their data and how it’s used.

Regulations such as Europe’s GDPR and  California’s CPRA require system designers to implement ‘Privacy by Design’ and incorporate the ‘state-of-the-art’ in technology to achieve this.

With Xailient’s Privacy Safe Data Collection, you can collect only the data that you need and nothing more. This ensures that your data collection will always be targeted and responsible.

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