If a company wanted to build its own Edge AI for Smart Video Doorbells, it would take too long, and they would be hopelessly outgunned.

That’s why we do the AI work for you so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

We offer our Smart Video Doorbell technology by embedding accurate and fast Detection and Face Recognition AI onto state-of-the-art Edge AI chips.

We are the only company that does Face Recognition and Stranger detection on Smart Video Doorbell Products at the Edge.

But that’s not all.

We also offer the technology you need to manage and deploy AI software updates on your Smart Video Doorbell products.

With Orchestrait, you can get the latest updates to secure your AI strategy.

Orchestrait delivers coordination and automation of all phases of the CV process, including receiving timely updates. Orchestrait drastically increases speed compared to manual methods used to update and manage Edge computer vision.

When someone’s near the front door, Xailient’s Smart Video Doorbell technology will sequentially perform 4 steps. These are:

1.      Motion detection

From up to 8 meters away, Xailient’s Edge AI technology will use motion detection to pick up that someone is heading for the front door.

2.      Person detection

Person detection then locates all human beings picked up by the doorbell camera. This step lets users know if someone is loitering outside their home or if their delivery person has arrived.

3.      Face detection

Face detection takes this one step further by identifying human faces caught on camera. Now, users are only moments away from finding out the person’s identity at their door.

4.      Face recognition

At this step, Xailient’s Smart Video Doorbell technology can assign an identity to the person at the front door.

The technology can match people’s facial shapes and characteristics to a previously recorded image, revealing their identity.

If the person at the door doesn’t turn up a match when analyzed against the pre-recorded images, Smart Video Doorbell users are sent an instant alert, letting them know there’s a stranger at the door.

If it’s a friend who’s in the system, the smart video doorbell can send an alert revealing that person’s identity.

Being at the Edge offers unbeatable privacy, accuracy, speed, and cost advantages for Smart Video Doorbell technology.

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