1. Run Edge Face Recognition on your existing device in 1 week

  • Build Xailient embedded SDK for your device.  
  • Compile and package Xailient embedded SDK in device firmware. 
  • Integrate Xailient API calls with your embedded application, web services, and user app. 

2. Deploy Face Recognition in 1 month

  • Xailient supports decoupling the SDK and AI model to reduce deployment friction and risk. 
  • Tools to validate and certify new improvements to models. 
  • Dashboard to manage model deployment and in-field usage and health. 

3. Develop & Own your AI “Secret Sauce

  • Customize training data collection plans from your deployed cameras and start building your application training data set.
  • Use the collected application training data set to train new detection models or improve existing ones.
  • Deploy your improved AI model or new detection models in 1 quarter. 

Orchestrait expertly delivers speed, quality, scalability, and reliability. 

  • Speed – Orchestrait provides coordination and automation of all phases of the CV process, thus drastically increasing velocity over the current manual processes used to manage these activities.
  • Quality – Orchestrait streamlines and standardizes the process, making it consistent and repeatable. Furthermore, specific checkpoints and monitors ensure quality KPIs are exceeded automatically.
  • Scalability – Orchestrait is designed for scale to accommodate applications of all sizes, from managing hundreds of cameras to millions of cameras.
  • Reliability – Orchestrait is designed with fault tolerance and redundancy to support mission-critical applications. We stand behind it with our SLA.
  • Collects training data in an automated way that adheres to user data privacy best practices.
  • Improves your AI models iteratively with your collected training data.
  • Deploys AI models securely to embedded devices at speed while mitigating risk.
  • Monitors in-field health and performance of the AI algorithm, providing early detection of emerging problems and improvement opportunities.

Orchestrait is a computer vision AI management platform that helps you continuously make your cameras smarter. Orchestrait provides the automation and tools you need to accelerate your AI strategy.

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