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Orchestrait is the World’s first privacy safe Face Recognition solution that uses state-of- the- art Edge AI to ensure full compliance with biometric data and privacy protection laws across all jurisdictions

Running on the Edge Saves Money!

Orchestrait Platform is designed to run on Edge to help deliver cost savings reducing OPEX costs.

For a smart home video device, all clips must be uploaded to the cloud where the AI is running, this results in a expensive cloud processing costs and latency issues as it takes time to process information in the cloud and send back and alert

With Latency issues not only do cloud costs rise, but also a hardware device such as a doorbell or security camera operating on a battery suffers a reduced battery life due to power consumption

Edge AI allows Artificial Intelligence algorithms to be processed on users’ devices rather than the cloud. This reduces latency issues, processing time and therefore can help elongate a device’s battery life as well

Orchestrait Optimizes all Smart home AI features ( Face Recognition, Package, vehicle Pet Detection) to run smoothly on low-power, low-cost chips enabling no new hardware upgrades to run AI feature sets


Real-Time Monitoring drives improved insight-driven customer experiences

Orchestrait Platform provides Real- Time Monitoring to drive towards improved customer experiences

This feature enables customers to continuously monitor and manage: privacy risks, drive towards quick customer support, improve performance and innovate product and services

The feature also enables real-time diagnostics by monitoring and auditing the accuracy of the algorithms

Regulatory compliance controls protect the business and build trust

Orchestrait goes beyond compliance to provide Industry’s best privacy practices to protect the business and build trust with customers

This feature enables customers to continuously manage & mitigate: privacy risks by staying current with industry regulations and best practices

The design allows for a distributed architectural design that is intentionally decentralized to distribute information across logical partitions

Our face recognition solution is designed to minimize bias and error and managed through an identity verified consent management protocol.

Biometrics remain stationary and in users device. They never move off-device mitigating privacy risks

Compliance monitoring and Policy Manager allows a customer to set policy controls by jurisdictions for device suite.

Frequently Asked Questions

Orchestrait is a computer vision AI management platform that helps you continuously make your cameras smarter. Orchestrait provides the automation and tools you need to accelerate your AI strategy.

  • Collects training data in an automated way that adheres to user data privacy best practices.
  • Improves your AI models iteratively with your collected training data.
  • Deploys AI models securely to embedded devices at speed while mitigating risk.
  • Monitors in-field health and performance of the AI algorithm, providing early detection of emerging problems and improvement opportunities.

Orchestrait expertly delivers speed, quality, scalability, and reliability. 

  • Speed – Orchestrait provides coordination and automation of all phases of the CV process, thus drastically increasing velocity over the current manual processes used to manage these activities.
  • Quality – Orchestrait streamlines and standardizes the process, making it consistent and repeatable. Furthermore, specific checkpoints and monitors ensure quality KPIs are exceeded automatically.
  • Scalability – Orchestrait is designed for scale to accommodate applications of all sizes, from managing hundreds of cameras to millions of cameras.
  • Reliability – Orchestrait is designed with fault tolerance and redundancy to support mission-critical applications. We stand behind it with our SLA.

1. Run Edge Face Recognition on your existing device in 1 week

  • Build Xailient embedded SDK for your device.  
  • Compile and package Xailient embedded SDK in device firmware. 
  • Integrate Xailient API calls with your embedded application, web services, and user app. 

2. Deploy Face Recognition in 1 month

  • Xailient supports decoupling the SDK and AI model to reduce deployment friction and risk. 
  • Tools to validate and certify new improvements to models. 
  • Dashboard to manage model deployment and in-field usage and health. 

3. Develop & Own your AI “Secret Sauce

  • Customize training data collection plans from your deployed cameras and start building your application training data set.
  • Use the collected application training data set to train new detection models or improve existing ones.
  • Deploy your improved AI model or new detection models in 1 quarter. 

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July 13, 2024

NEWS PROVIDED BY Xailient Inc  Nov 05, 2023, 22:24 ET Konami Gaming and Xailient partnering to replace magnetic player tracking cards with facial recognition technology at slots and tables for the casino industry LAS VEGAS, Nov. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Konami Gaming, Inc. and Xailient Inc. announced a strategic partnership to introduce SYNK Vision™ to the casino industry. This revolutionary collaboration […]

January 18, 2024

NEWS PROVIDED BY Xailient Inc.  18 Jan, 2024, 01:13 ET SYDNEY, Jan. 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Xalient customer Abode, a leading provider of DIY smart home security solutions, has been recognized for their innovative new product, the Abode Edge Camera. Xailient AI runs inside the Abode Edge Camera, watching for anomalies like package deliveries or strangers on the […]

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