Palantir deploys Edge AI alongside Xailient’s patented Detectum

Palantir deploys Edge AI alongside Xailient’s patented Detectum

September 16, 2021


Xailient specializes in extremely accurate low-power computer vision on edge devices.


Palantir Technologies builds and deploys software that empowers organizations to integrate their data, decisions, and operations effectively.


Palantir Technologies’ Edge AI technology harnesses the power of satellite technology at the Edge by empowering autonomous decision-making in low-bandwidth, low-power conditions. By deploying Edge AI alongside Xailient’s patented Detectum™ detection technology, operators can operationalize AI insights to make smarter, faster decisions across domains, from space to mud.

The Result

When Palantir deployed their AI into orbit, Xailient’s EdgeAI computer vision went along for the ride.

Check it out at 1:35

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Xailient specializes in extremely efficient low-power computer vision. Intel's OpenVINO specializes in maximizing the performance and speed of computer vision AI workloads. OpenVINO improved Xailient FPS 9.5x on Intel hardware to 448 FPS. Together, Xailient-Intel outperforms the comparable MobileNet_SSD by 80x. Even after Intel worked the OpenVINO magic on MobileNet_SSD, Xailient-OpenVINO is 14x faster.

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