Xailient Tech Startup Featured in the AFR

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Xailient Tech Startup Featured in the AFR

Lars Oleson / August 13, 2019

Xailient was featured in the Australian Financial Review!

I’ve spent 20 years in software, so rare are the moments when I can share an accomplishment that actually makes sense to my Mom. Well, Ma, we’re in the newspaper!

Xailient is proudly joining the Antler global alumni, with a pre-seed investment of $155,000 and strong support from their networks and advisors. Just a few weeks ago Shivy and I met for the first time, and now we’re the proud co-founders of a tech startup, with early-adopter customers for our breakthrough technology in artificial intelligence.

It’s a thrill to be featured so early in our journey but watch these pages. Xailient has big ambitions and is building up momentum fast. Xailient co-founder Shivy was voted “most likely to found a unicorn” by our Antler Sydney cohort.

Sydney is well on its way to becoming an important global tech startup center, with lots of educated workers, sensible immigration tracks for skilled workers and students, and good access to capital. Xailient is pleased to join the ranks of deep-tech companies hiring technical talent for our R&D team at the Sydney Startup Hub in the CBD.

Xailient enables makers and innovators to bring their visions to life by training computers to see the way humans do. Our exclusive Computer Vision technology improves unit economics 10-100x with featherweight AI architectures. By saving customers costs and months of effort, Xailient is unlocking a new generation of artificial intelligence solutions.

While I hope to send my mom more clippings regarding Xailient soon, I also hope our tech startup will be the enabler of many other founders and innovators achieving their own proud moment in the spotlight.

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    Lars has 22 years experience in Enterprise Software. He's a serial entrepreneur and experienced CEO with 100+ employees at exit. 

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Xailient specializes in extremely efficient low-power computer vision. Intel's OpenVINO specializes in maximizing the performance and speed of computer vision AI workloads. OpenVINO improved Xailient FPS 9.5x on Intel hardware to 448 FPS. Together, Xailient-Intel outperforms the comparable MobileNet_SSD by 80x. Even after Intel worked the OpenVINO magic on MobileNet_SSD, Xailient-OpenVINO is 14x faster.

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