Edge AI Brings Challenges, but Xailient’s Orchestrait Has the Solution

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Edge AI Brings Challenges, but Xailient’s Orchestrait Has the Solution

Shandra Earney / January 12, 2023

Orchestrait offers the ultimate Edge AI solution

Edge AI is proven and here to stay, but, like all technology, it’s not without its challenges. 

Many factors make Edge AI difficult to implement, including Edge AI maintenance, limited expertise, and the time and costs of Edge AI development and deployment. 

It’s also imperative for companies using Edge AI to devise a strategy for keeping up with advancements in the market. 

Additionally, deploying Edge Face Recognition brings unique challenges as privacy laws such as GDPR, BIPA, and CCPA tighten, and penalties for non-compliance continue to soar. 

Xailient’s Orchestrait addresses the issue of limited expertise, improves the time and costs associated with Edge AI deployment, and assists with Edge AI maintenance.

Orchestrait also ensures that your Edge Face Recognition always complies with local privacy laws no matter where in the world your cameras are deployed. 

The Orchestrait platform achieves this by providing a service that offers developers in the smart home space an easy, automatic, and cost-effective Edge AI maintenance solution.

What is the Orchestrait management platform?

Xailient has developed technology that ensures embedded Edge computer vision’s privacy, accuracy, cost-effectiveness, and real-time capabilities.

Additionally, Orchestrait is the world’s first privacy-safe Face Recognition solution that utilizes state-of-the-art Edge AI to ensure full compliance with biometric data and privacy laws worldwide.

For example, Orchestrait ensures that deployed Face Recognition complies with the latest privacy regulations, including GDPR in Europe and the UK, BIPA in Illinois, and CCPA in California. 

Orchestrait handles all the work related to AI management and privacy compliance, allowing product developers to focus on other tasks. 

By streamlining the development and launch of AI products and features, Orchestrait makes implementing and managing Edge AI faster, easier, less risky, and less resource-intensive for smart home companies. 

This process falls under the broader category CVOps

CVOps describes the enterprise business process, job role, and enabling tools for delivering Computer Vision in production. It’s a new category, and Orchestrait (the AI management platform within this category) is a new way of doing things. 

Overall, Orchestrait helps product developers ensure that their products are always accurate, up-to-date, and following privacy best practices no matter where their Face Recognition technology is deployed.

The 5 challenges of Edge AI explained

Edge AI implemented and run on devices at the edge of a network (rather than in a centralized location) has the potential to revolutionize industries by enabling real-time data processing and analysis. 

However, Edge AI must address 5 key challenges for successful deployment.

1. Edge AI suffers deployment and management problems

Deploying and managing AI models on many Edge devices can be challenging, as it’s difficult to ensure that models perform optimally across all devices. 

Additionally, the resource constraints of Edge devices can make it difficult to run complex updates or retrain models.

This can be a big problem as it’s vitally important to monitor the performance of Edge AI models and implement regular maintenance and updates to prevent model degradation.

2. Edge AI is hindered by a lack of expertise

A lack of expertise in the field can limit the adoption and deployment of Edge AI. 

This can include a lack of knowledge about the technical aspects of Edge AI, such as how to build and optimize models for Edge devices, as well as a lack of understanding of the broader implications of using Edge AI, such as data privacy and security concerns.

A lack of expertise can make it difficult for organizations to effectively utilize Edge AI, as they may not have the necessary skills and knowledge to develop and deploy models that meet their needs.

It can also make it challenging for organizations to properly evaluate the potential risks and benefits of using Edge AI, limiting their ability to make informed decisions about its adoption.

3. Developing and deploying Edge AI can be time-consuming and expensive

Developing and deploying Edge AI can be a time-consuming and costly process. 

Some factors impacting the time and costs of Edge AI development and deployment include:

  • Difficulties associated with integrating AI models onto Edge devices, particularly if the devices have limited resources.
  • The complexity and time associated with deploying Edge AI models when they’re large or require extensive tuning.
  • Problems with deploying and managing AI models on a large number of Edge devices, as this can be time-consuming and require significant resources.

4. Once deployed, Edge AI can struggle to keep up with the market

As mentioned, deploying and managing AI models on a large number of Edge devices can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, making it difficult to quickly and easily incorporate new advancements into deployed products.

It’s essential for organizations using Edge AI to monitor market advancements regularly. 

Companies will also need to have a plan for incorporating the latest tech into their products to stay competitive.

5. Edge AI can struggle to adhere to privacy best practices

It is possible for Edge AI systems to struggle with following privacy best practices, just as it is possible for any technology to be misused or implemented in a way that does not adhere to privacy guidelines. 

However, it is also possible to design and use Edge AI systems in a way that respects and protects the privacy of individuals.

Failing to comply with privacy laws will result in significant legal and reputational consequences, so it’s essential to carefully consider and address data security and privacy regulations.

Orchestrait is the solution for Edge AI management

It’s vitally important to address the limits of Edge AI as doing so allows companies to optimize the performance of their Edge AI models, save on costs associated with maintenance and development, and ensure compliance with relevant privacy laws and regulations. 

Xailient’s Orchestrait platform offers the solution as it addresses all of these issues with ease. 

Let’s explore how Orchestrait remedies the challenges of Edge AI in more detail.

Orchestrait simplifies Edge AI maintenance

Orchestrait addresses the issue of Edge AI maintenance in several ways. 

Firstly, Orchestrait continuously monitors for model and data drift, which can cause Edge AI models to become less accurate over time. By detecting and addressing these issues, Orchestrait helps to ensure that Edge AI models are always performing at their best.

Additionally, Orchestrait will soon be able to implement over-the-air updates, making it easy for developers to update their AI models. This reduces the time and costs associated with Edge AI maintenance and makes it easier for developers to keep their Edge AI applications up-to-date and maintain their competitive advantage. 

With Orchestrait, developers can focus on other tasks while the platform handles all the work related to AI management and maintenance, streamlining, developing, and launching new AI products and features.

Orchestrait empowers companies with limited Edge AI expertise

As stated, one of the challenges of Edge AI is limited expertise in the field, which can greatly hinder the adoption and deployment of Edge AI technologies. 

Orchestrait helps out in this regard by offering developers an automated Edge AI management service. 

In addition to monitoring for drift, Orchestrait automatically monitors the Edge Face Recognition onboard cameras to ensure its use is always privacy-compliant. This relieves developers of the need to constantly monitor and update their models for privacy compliance.

Overall, Orchestrait’s automated Edge AI management service helps to address the issue of limited expertise by providing a comprehensive solution for managing and monitoring Edge Face Recognition models and ensuring compliance with privacy laws.

Orchestrait cuts down time and costs for Edge AI development and deployment

Orchestrait’s expert automated management streamlines the process of developing and launching AI products and features, reducing the time and resources required.

Additionally, Orchestrait’s future over-the-air update capabilities will reduce the time and costs associated with Edge AI maintenance, making it quick, easy, and less resource intensive for developers to keep their Edge AI applications up to date.

Orchestrait makes it easy for companies to stay up-to-date with Edge AI market advancements

By implementing over-the-air updates, Orchestrait will make it simple for developers to update their AI models. This means it’s easy for developers to keep their Edge AI applications up to date with the latest technology and features. 

By providing a simple and efficient way to update and maintain Edge AI models, Orchestrait helps developers stay competitive and ahead of the curve, an essential feature in the quickly evolving smart home space.

Orchestrait guarantees privacy-complaint Edge Face Recognition

Privacy and security are critical considerations when it comes to Edge AI and Edge Face Recognition. 

Xailient’s Orchestrait platform addresses this issue by providing a service where developers can ensure that their Face Recognition technology is adhering to privacy best practices across all their deployed cameras.

Orchestrait consolidates the work of adhering to privacy laws and regulations worldwide by providing a service that automatically monitors and updates deployed Face Recognition technology to ensure it’s always up to scratch with the latest privacy rules.

Perhaps most importantly, this helps smart home companies build trust with their customers and protect their reputation.

Edge AI gets even better with the Orchestrait management platform

Edge AI is an exciting and innovative technology that can transform industries and improve people’s daily lives. 

While Edge AI comes with its challenges, these can be overcome with the right tool, and Xailient’s Orchestrait platform is just that.

Orchestrait offers a comprehensive solution to the difficulties of Edge AI maintenance, limited expertise, and compliance with privacy laws. 

Xailient’s cutting-edge technology simplifies managing and monitoring Edge Face Recognition models, making it easier for developers to bring their products to market and ensure they’re always accurate and up to date. 

With Orchestrait behind you, your Edge AI strategy has the power to reach its full potential quickly.

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