Stranger Detection is a Must for Smart Video Doorbells


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Stranger Detection is a Must for Smart Video Doorbells

Shandra Earney / November 10, 2022

Always know who’s at the front door

Feeling safe is a deep-rooted evolutionary need. 

According to experts, people often determine their safety level based on information about their environment.

And resolving safety concerns can be challenging when people don’t have enough information. 

To overcome the fear of the unknown, people need to have control over the frightening situation they’re facing – and information is key. 

This is where stranger detection for Smart Video Doorbells comes into play. 

Smart Video Doorbells with stranger detection allow users to know exactly who’s at the front door. 

No more surprises. No more concerns about the unknown. 

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to strangers

Of course, uncertainty will always be present in people’s lives. And not knowing the identity of someone on our property can generate a lot of anxiety.

People vary in their responses and reactions to uncertainty based on their level of comfort (or discomfort) towards the unknown.

Being afraid of wild animals is based on what has been learned about these creatures since a good number of these animals can cause disease or even death. But, sometimes, fear can come from a lack of factual information.

Sometimes, what you don’t know can end up hurting you, and that’s why stranger detection for Smart Video Doorbells is a highly sought-after feature.

Stranger detection can quickly remove all the guesswork by letting users know if the person at their front door is a friend, family member, or stranger.

Smart Video Doorbells need to protect users from strangers

Safety has been recognized as a basic human need according to Abraham Maslow as stated in his Hierarchy of Needs.

Early humans lived in perpetual turmoil, and although no one today is in immediate danger of getting chased down by a saber-toothed tiger, the internal drive to ensure one’s safety and the safety of loved ones continues to persist. This often takes the form of being wary of strangers, especially when there’s the potential that these unknown people could violate private spaces like our homes. 

This drive also manifests itself in consumer behavior, which makes it highly important that products meet specific standards. Security cameras, like Smart Video Doorbells,  must demonstrate that they can protect consumers from threats. 

But that’s not enough. An extra step must be taken to prove that they can, according to clear evidence, offer genuine protection.

Stranger detection matters to customers

Knowing all this, let’s explore how much stranger detection appeals to consumers. Is it simply a ‘nice to have’ feature, or is it a pivotal detection capability that can give Smart Video Doorbell companies the ultimate edge in the market? 

According to a survey conducted under Xailient’s Data Acquisition Project, it’s certainly the latter.  

75.9% of respondents to the survey listed wanting to know if a stranger was at their front door as the top reason for owning a Smart Video Doorbell.

The second largest reason for ownership of a Smart Video Doorbell was to keep an eye on the property at 67.6%.

As safety is a fundamental human need, it makes sense that stranger detection and keeping a watchful eye on the property are customers’ primary motivators for investing in Smart Video Doorbell devices.

How do Smart Video Doorbells offer safety and security?

Imagine a doorbell that can do more than simply let people know someone is outside their door (either with a chime or basic motion detection).

Imagine a doorbell that doubles as an intelligent piece of technology that can contribute to the safety and security of your customer’s home. 

Smart Video Doorbells can inform users when people approach their homes. They can see packages that have been dropped off at the doorstep, and they have the capacity to reveal the identity of the person standing at the door. 

But how does it all work?

Every doorbell is a little different, but they typically function in the following ways.

First, motion detection is activated

Motion detection is triggered by anyone or anything approaching the front door. 

While it can’t tell exactly what triggered the camera, motion detection is the first step in doing any further analysis. 

As anything can trigger motion, a good Smart Video Doorbell will wait for other detection mechanisms to kick in before sending users an alert detailing what’s happening at the front door.

Second, person detection gets to work

Person detection can identify the location of all humans within images captured via the user’s Smart Video Doorbell Camera.

Who could it be? A delivery person? Family members? A stranger?

Although the Smart Video Doorbell won’t be able to identify who the person is yet, users will be notified that an individual is at their front door. 

Person detection can also notify users if someone is loitering around their property, making it a highly desirable detection feature for safeguarding the home.

Third, face detection is activated

Once people have been detected, the AI technology identifies all human faces present in a camera’s video clip. Faces can be detected irrespective of ethnicity, position, and lighting.

Now, users are only one step away from finding out the identity of the person at their door.

Fourth, Face Recognition kicks in

Face Recognition is the final step in the process and works by analyzing facial features to verify a person’s identity. 

When Face Recognition technology is incorporated into Smart Video Doorbell products, the identities of individuals whose images were recorded and saved in the database earlier are made known to users. 

This is achieved by matching people’s facial features and characteristics with a pre-recorded image and its corresponding identity. 

When a stranger is caught on camera, an alert is immediately sent to the user because that person’s facial features do not match up with any of the pre-recorded images of friends or family. 

Thanks to Face Recognition and stranger detection technology, users won’t be kept in the dark when it comes to knowing if the person at their doorstep is a friend or someone they don’t know. 

This allows users to always have information and control, which, as we’ve explored, is the perfect remedy to combat anxiety surrounding the fear of the unknown.

Xailient’s Orchestrait platform and the future of smart video doorbells

Before long, Smart Video Doorbells will be capable of advanced recognition and detection.

Face Recognition is only available on a limited number of Smart Video Doorbell products. But this is all changing as more and more companies begin to put Face Recognition on their doorbell products to align with customer expectations and stay competitive. 

Not only will Face Recognition make stranger detection possible, but with future AI innovation, Smart Video Doorbells will eventually be able to learn and identify the routine activities of users and respond to their behavior.

These responses could include things like setting alarms at given times or locking doors automatically. 

An additional Smart Video Doorbell feature coming out in the near future is anomaly detection (sometimes called outlier analysis).

Anomaly detection is a data mining stage that can determine events, observations, and data points that differ from the usual information in a dataset.

Identifying anomalous data means that there are critical incidents taking place. Sometimes, this incident could be a technical glitch or a house fire! 

Either way, anomaly detection enables Smart Video Doorbell devices to notify users so they can get ahead of any ‘unknowns’ by being aware of any unusual or unexpected activity going on around the house. 

Up until now, Smart Video Doorbells have been a godsend regarding home security.

But, as computer vision AI improves, Smart Video Doorbells will advance tremendously as time goes by.

Since the market is rapidly evolving, Smart Video Doorbell companies need to think hard about their AI strategy. They need an easy way to implement and update AI since new recognition and detection features are on the horizon. 

With Xailient’s AI management platform Orchestrait, updates can be delivered efficiently, and new detection and recognition features can be integrated into existing Smart Video Doorbell products quickly and effectively. 

By using the Orchestrait management platform, Smart Video Doorbell companies can always offer the latest tech to help users feel safe and secure from strangers and any other unwelcome surprises.

Ensure your customers always have the latest tech keeping them safe

Smart Video Doorbells equipped with Face Recognition and stranger detection provide users with convenience, security, and feelings of safety, making stranger detection a highly desirable feature.

Although current models offer a variety of excellent security options, more and more Smart Video Doorbell products will start to integrate advanced features, such as Face Recognition, stranger detection, predictive capabilities, and impressive anomaly detection abilities.

Being up to date with the latest tech is always the best option when considering how to safeguard property and loved ones.

By using Xailient’s Face Recognition technology and Orchestrait platform, your customers will always enjoy the best of the best.

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