What can a Smart Video Doorbell Do Now (and in the Future)?

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What can a Smart Video Doorbell Do Now (and in the Future)?

Mark Crosling / September 14, 2022

Smart Video Doorbells keep users safe and secure

What if a doorbell could do more than just alert you when someone’s at the door? What if it could help keep someone’s home or business safe and secure? 

Enter the Smart Video Doorbell to provide security, peace of mind, and convenience.

See who’s approaching or is at your door and view what packages have been left or taken away.

This article will analyze Smart Video Doorbells’ technological features and explain how a Smart Video Doorbell can help keep users and their property safe. It will also discuss where Smart Video Doorbell technology is headed in the future. 

First, let’s explore what a Smart Video Doorbell is. 

What is a Smart Video Doorbell?

Smart Video Doorbells allow you to see, hear, and speak to visitors at your door from anywhere using your smartphone. 

They’re ideal for busy homeowners who want to stay connected to their homes while away or for those who want an extra layer of security in their day-to-day lives. 

Most Video Doorbells are equipped with high-definition cameras and two-way audio, so users can see and speak to visitors before letting them in. 

Smart Video Doorbells, on the other hand, also have motion detection capabilities and the ability to send alerts and store recorded footage

More advanced models have other detection capabilities such as person, pet, and package detection, with some even starting to offer Face Recognition technology. This, of course, adds another level of security and convenience to any Smart Video Doorbell product. 

Let’s examine how these different features could fit your customer’s needs.

What can a smart video doorbell do?

Most people are familiar with the traditional video doorbell, which allows you to see who’s at your door from inside your home.

However, a new generation of Smart Video Doorbells offers more features and benefits, making them ideal for detecting familiar faces, strangers, and packages, deterring burglars, and keeping your customers’ homes safe.

Because of extra detection capabilities, Smart Video Doorbells are quickly becoming a must-have home security item.

Here are the top basic and advanced features of Smart Video Doorbells explained in detail:

Smart Video Doorbells: The basic features

Smart Video Doorbells typically offer video storage options which include:

  1. Cloud storage: Many Smart Video Doorbells utilize cloud storage so that doorbell users can review footage of visitors at their door. This usually requires a cloud subscription.
  2. Local storage: Some smart doorbells come with a microSD card slot so users can store footage locally on their Smart Video Doorbell device.

Additionally, motion detection is on almost all Smart Video Doorbells.

A Smart Video Doorbell can detect when someone is approaching the front door. It can send an alert to the user and start recording entirely automatically. This is excellent if you always want to know when someone’s approaching your door.

Motion detection technology can sometimes accompany heat detection, and human shape detection, which is excellent at reducing the number of false alerts users might encounter.

But that’s not where the story ends. 

Some Smart Video Doorbell products are capable of going beyond these typical smart features.

Let’s take a look at the more advanced Smart Video Doorbell capabilities.

Smart Video Doorbells: The advanced features

Advanced Smart Video Doorbell models typically utilize cameras that offer very sophisticated features. While a better camera is a plus, it’s also vitally important as it enhances the performance of the artificial intelligence algorithms your Smart Video Doorbell relies on.

Some of these important camera features include:

  • HD video: Smart Video Doorbells are sometimes equipped with HD cameras for clear, detailed footage. 
  • Wide-angle lenses: Some Smart Video Doorbells come with wide-angle lenses for a wider field of view.
  • Zoom: Users can zoom in on footage for a closer look without severely compromising the clarity.
  • Night vision: One of the most important benefits of a Smart Video Doorbell is that it can allow users to see who’s at or approaching their door at night.

Advanced Smart Video Doorbells also offer more than just motion detection. They take this one step further to include person, package, and pet detection.

Of course, detection isn’t the same as video doorbell face recognition assigning an identity to the person or pet in question.

Although AI technology exists for Face Recognition, there are currently very few Smart Video Doorbells with Face Recognition, although this will become standard shortly.

Smart Video Doorbells performing just person, package, and pet detection (and especially just motion detection) will need to consider their AI strategy to stay competitive in this quickly evolving market.

As part of this competitive approach, companies will also need to consider how to efficiently update their AI when new detection and recognition features become available. Xailient’s Orchestrait platform provides the solution, as updates can be easily incorporated into existing Smart Video Doorbell products, ensuring that your customers always have access to the most up-to-date technology.

What will smart video doorbells look like in the near future?

Smart Video Doorbell products will evolve quickly to incorporate advanced AI detection and recognition.

For example, while Face Recognition is only available on a select few Smart Video products, more companies will begin adding Face Recognition to their Smart Video Doorbells in the future. 

Face Recognition capabilities would allow a Smart Video Doorbell to assign an identity to the person at the front door if they had opted in and saved an image of their face in the system.

If they haven’t opted in and aren’t in the system, this would trigger an alert notifying the user that a stranger has been detected at their front door. This critical security feature is called ‘stranger detection.’

Future AI innovation has the opportunity for Smart Video Doorbells to learn users’ everyday activities and respond to their behavior. This could include automatically locking doors after hours or automatically setting an alarm at a specific time. 

Another future Smart Video Doorbell feature will be anomaly detection. Anomaly detection would allow a Smart Video Doorbell to notify users of any unexpected activity around a home. For example, anomaly detection could let a user know that something may be amiss when the kids don’t come home from school at the usual time.

So far, smart video doorbells have been a great addition to home security. But with more advances in computer vision AI, it’s clear that these devices will only get better with time.

Smart Video Doorbells: Edge vs. Cloud

Almost all Smart Video Doorbell products use cloud storage and cloud-based AI. 

But, as Edge technologies become more popular, more Smart Video Doorbell companies will likely opt to move some or all aspects of their strategy to the Edge. 

This shift will mean that video footage processing and AI work can be done locally (on the device). This brings enormous benefits, as avoiding sending footage to the cloud for processing can save time and energy. 

Because the nature of the work that Smart Video Doorbells do is time-sensitive, data needs to be processed as quickly as possible without any latency. Edge solutions are better at providing this real-time processing which end users will undoubtedly appreciate.

Regarding security, Edge storage provides much better protection than cloud storage.

This is especially important to consider when it comes to Smart Video Doorbells that perform Face Recognition, as no one but the user should be able to access this sensitive data. 

With Edge storage, data is stored locally on the device. There’s no need to worry about data breaches or hacks since sensitive information isn’t being sent off to a third-party server.

Since an Edge-enabled Smart Video Doorbell would operate by processing data locally, it would also save battery life. This can be a significant benefit, especially if the smart doorbell product is battery-powered.

Regarding image quality, Edge AI can also provide better quality video footage, as local processing can help improve the quality of the video footage by reducing noise and increasing clarity.

Overall, utilizing Edge AI in Smart Video Doorbell products can have numerous benefits. It can help reduce latency, improve the quality of the footage, and even save battery life.

As these benefits are too good to ignore, more and more Smart Video Doorbell companies will consider incorporating Edge technologies into their products in the near future.

Secure the future of your Smart Video Doorbell products

Smart video doorbells offer security, convenience, and peace of mind.

While existing models already offer many features, more Smart Video Doorbell products will begin incorporating advanced features such as Edge Face Recognition technology and powerful anomaly detection and predictive capabilities.

Many companies will also consider moving their Smart Video Doorbells to the Edge for the added security, latency, and battery-life benefits gained from doing so.

All in all, to stay relevant in this quickly evolving market, it’s certainly worth knowing your Smart Video Doorbell technology. This will ensure that your products always maintain their competitive advantage and are best equipped to always keep your customers safe and happy.

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