Edge Computing and Edge AI: What to Expect in the Future

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Edge Computing and Edge AI: What to Expect in the Future

Shandra Earney / July 22, 2022


Due to the massive increase in data we’re experiencing today, Edge computing and Edge AI are on their way to becoming indispensable technologies due to their ability to move data away from overburdened cloud data centers. 

This article explores where Edge computing and Edge AI are heading in the future and points out exciting Edge computing trends you need to know about in 2022.

Edge Computing is growing fast 

With the abundance of data generated through IoT, the current and future use of Edge computing and Edge AI over cloud technologies will continue to increase dramatically.

Interestingly, despite being considered a new technological phenomenon, Edge computing has been active within businesses and industries for a while. 

While the predicted global market capitalization of Edge computing infrastructure is estimated to be worth more than $800 billion by 2028, enterprises are also investing heavily in Edge AI.

Edge AI combines Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to program, run, and execute machine-learned tasks directly on the Edge, taking advantage of the security and improved data-processing capabilities of Edge computing. 

In fact, Edge computing is both a time and data saver.

By analyzing, processing, and executing data commands close to the data source (on a local server on a user device), Edge computing removes any immediate need for cloud services and storage. 

In Edge computing, all the information is gathered and sorted at the source instead of a large cloud data server. This has significant security benefits and improves real-time data processing, two things the cloud does not afford as easily. 

It’s also important to note that there is a strong link between Edge Computing and the internet of things (IoT), as Edge-enabled, wifi-connected applications and appliances can process their data at the Edge. 

How will Edge Computing and Edge AI affect the future of computing? 

With these two exciting technological advancements making their way further into the public eye, the future of computing is worth considering.

For example, Edge computing has already driven epic change within businesses. 

It saves companies time and money and improves response time compared to the cloud. Thanks to Edge computing, with the help of Edge AI, many business functions can become completely autonomous systems.

While many companies are making Edge-related tech investments as a part of their digital transformation journey, forward-looking organizations and cloud companies see new opportunities by fusing Edge computing and AI (Edge AI).

The future advantages of combining Edge Computing and Edge AI are significant.

For example, with Edge computing and Edge AI, the time it takes for a machine to process data is significantly reduced, alongside the amount that reaches the cloud. This lowers the overall data transfer volume, making it both less expensive and speedier than using the cloud. 

Many companies are already using Edge Computing and Edge AI in combination, and the future promises widespread adoption.

But why is this the case? 

Interest in Edge computing and Edge AI is picking up due to the advantages these technologies offer businesses. Security, speed, and availability are the most significant benefits of this pairing for businesses, while the reduced cost of Edge storage is undoubtedly the cherry on top. 

Automatic delivery vehicles, speedy quality checks, predictive maintenance, and an overall increase in customer satisfaction are awaiting the technological world thanks to Edge computing and Edge AI technologies. 

Edge Computing and Edge AI trends to watch in 2022 and beyond 

With the worldwide spending on Edge Computing and Edge AI already so high and the increased usage rate climbing every day, 2022 is a good year for Edge computing and Edge AI.

This trend is expected to continue for the remainder of the year, with Edge Computing use cases increasing exponentially weekly. 

Quick adaptation and change have been huge parts of everyone’s lives in the last few years, and Edge Computing is a positive change from this skill.

As manufacturing use cases of Edge Computing rise, so do the expectations for further integration of Edge AI into the process. 

Edge AI will transform enterprises because the models have an optimized infrastructure for Edge computing that can handle bulkier AI workloads at and near the Edge. 

Because of this, Edge AI can provide incredible performance limitless scalability that enables businesses to use their data efficiently.

Edge computing and Edge AI are transforming the future of computing 

Many companies and industries already use Edge computing and AI in conjunction, and it’s only a matter of time before more businesses incorporate them fully. 

As time goes on, older methods will continue to be displaced in favor of Edge Computing and Edge AI, and others will adapt to incorporate these new technologies and their benefits. 

Cost-effectiveness and improved security have already changed the future of computing and put many in favor of the Edge. It’s only a matter of time before Edge AI follows a similar path as Edge computing, with Edge AI use-cases expected to hit 75% by 2025

As can be seen, it’s time to get ready for the rest of 2022 to revolutionize computing and AI in favor of the Edge.

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