What Are the Benefits of Smart Video Doorbells for End Users?

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What Are the Benefits of Smart Video Doorbells for End Users?

Shandra Earney / January 25, 2023

Smart Video Doorbells keep users and their property safe

This article explains all the highly sought-after features of Smart Video Doorbells and sheds light on how these technologies deliver unparalleled safety to property and people.

For companies, ensuring customers are provided with the most recent technology maintains their safety and keeps them happy with your products and services.

With features such as stranger detection and Face Recognition, Smart Video Doorbells can not only alert users to visitors but also allow them to know the person’s identity at their door.

Moreover, AI and Edge AI of this caliber pave the way for even more advanced features, such as anomaly detection and predictive capabilities.

Smart Video Doorbells with AI, Face Recognition, and video analytics, offer end customers security, convenience, and peace of mind while ensuring your competitive advantage in the market.

Smart Video Doorbells offer stranger detection

Safety is one of a person’s basic needs.

Experts say that people usually establish feelings of safety based on how much information they have about their immediate environment.

As such, putting safety concerns to rest can be difficult when people lack information about what’s happening around them.

This is where stranger detection for Smart Video Doorbells comes in.

Since Smart Video Doorbells with stranger detection allow users to see if the person at the front door is a stranger or a friend, the fear of the unknown is quelled.

Importantly, stranger detection isn’t just a “nice feature” for consumers but a crucial aspect that sets Smart Video Doorbells companies that offer it apart from their competitors. 

Based on a survey by Xailient’s Data Acquisition Project, 75.9% of respondents claimed that their primary reason for owning a Smart Video Doorbell was to know if a stranger was at the door.

As feeling safe is paramount for everyone, customers are highly motivated to invest in Smart Video Doorbells with stranger detection to achieve security and control over their spaces.

Smart Video Doorbells are beginning to incorporate video analytics

Smart Video Doorbells with video analytics result in higher levels of safety in users’ homes. 

Video analytics, powered by AI and Edge AI, allows for tasks such as recognizing moving objects, instigating Face Recognition, and recognizing vehicle license plates.

Video analytics, sometimes known as video content analysis, can automatically analyze video content through AI algorithms, identifying objects and classifying them as packages, animals, or people.

With video analytics, Smart Video Doorbells can produce alerts based on intelligent data.

As such, traditional surveillance methods are less efficient and more costly when compared to those that utilize video analytics. 

Outfitting smart video doorbell products with video analytics generates many benefits, enabling your customers to maintain a safe, secure, and efficient home.

The top 3 benefits of video analytics for Smart Video Doorbells

1. Reducing the number of false alarms: Video analytics filters out false alarms caused by factors such as shadows and wind, allowing Smart Video Doorbell users to receive only relevant, useful notifications.

2. Maximizing data storage: By recording only activities of interest, video analytics reduces the amount of data storage needed, making it easier for users to access relevant video clips while saving on storage costs.

3. Providing proactive home security: With intelligent notifications and alerts, video analytics enables users to take confident, proactive action in safeguarding their homes and businesses.

Smart Video Doorbells take advantage of the benefits of local storage, Edge computing, and Edge AI

The majority of Smart Video Doorbell products utilize Cloud-based AI and storage. However, Edge technology is becoming more prevalent (due to its many benefits). For this reason, many Smart Video Doorbell companies will switch their current strategies to the Edge.

This will allow users to take advantage of faster processing, energy savings, and improved security.

Let’s explore the advantages of Edge solutions for Smart Video Doorbells for two major areas – storage and AI.

Edge storage protects user data and saves costs

When deciding on storage options, data from Smart Video Doorbells can be kept either in the cloud or at the Edge. 

Edge storage, also known as local storage, provides notable cost and security advantages compared to cloud storage. 

This is because it reduces the need to transmit sensitive information to the cloud by storing data on the device. This eliminates the need for cloud storage and the associated costs of cloud storage services. 

Additionally, by keeping data on the device, Edge storage reduces the risk of data breaches and hacking, as data is not being transmitted to a third-party server or stored in a centralized location (making it more difficult for hackers to access).

While many Smart Video Doorbells currently store their video recordings in the cloud, some products allow recordings to be stored locally on SD cards, a form of Edge storage.

Due to its benefits, Edge storage is becoming more popular for Smart Video Doorbell products and is certainly a feature that smart home companies should strongly consider to stay competitive.

Edge AI vs cloud AI for Smart Video Doorbells

When considering AI methods for Smart Video Doorbells, companies can choose between cloud-based AI and storage and Edge-based solutions.

Response times are crucial in whether a company should opt for Edge or cloud AI for Smart Video Doorbell analytics. 

Edge AI combines Edge Computing and artificial intelligence, and is exceptionally fast because it moves cloud functions to the Edge, reducing latency and network traffic. 

Additionally, due to recent advancements, Edge AI is becoming available for many IoT devices and gadgets, making it a viable option for smart home products, including Smart Video Doorbells.

This is good news as Smart video doorbells with video analytics perform tasks (such as analysis, identification, and detection) that are computationally intensive and put a lot of pressure on already overburdened cloud servers. 

Edge computing and Edge AI process data near the source, freeing up the cloud while allowing quick response times.

Of course, real-time responses are essential when the goal is to keep belongings and family safe from harm.

As such, Edge AI and Edge computing are better solutions for Smart Video Doorbells as they reduce latency, increase efficiency, and provide better security and privacy.

Stay ahead of the competition with advanced Smart Video Doorbell technology

In conclusion, Smart Video Doorbells with video analytics, Edge storage, Edge computing, and AI are invaluable investments for companies looking to provide the latest technology to their customers. 

With features such as stranger detection, Face Recognition, and anomaly detection, advanced Smart Video Doorbells can offer unparalleled safety to property and people.

Smart Video Doorbells with these advanced features are the future of home security, and companies that adopt them early will have a significant advantage over their competitors.

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